Select by Texture


Straight hair is the simplest of all. It is completely natural and unprocessed hair texture. The hair and the laces are straight and you can choose them to be mildly silky or overly silky. Straight textured hair can be flat ironed, curled or rolled. When wet, straight hair has the tendency to wave up a little but that gets undone when the hair dries.


Kinky Straight

Kinky straight is completely un-permed African American hair.  It is coarse.  It can be flat ironed and hot curled.  However, the hair has little crimps in it that will not fully be removed with straightening because it is meant to be worn natural.


Body Wave

This often looks like the slightly waved straight hair. Body wave is one of the most popular texture today. Our body wave type has a high sheen level and the perfect bounce. It’s also easy maintenance. It features the use of very loose curls to form larger S waves shape.


Kinky Curly

Any black woman knows how vital this texture is to them. It features the tightly curly hair, which is similar to a good number of black women’s hair. Notice that this hair needs some level of care for it to serve you longer. We have the shiny, smooth, and defined curls from the kinky curly hair. This style is ideal for those who love to take care of their hair. Poor maintenance will quickly damage it.

Deep Wave

Its versatility makes it equally accessible. Hair themes deep wave weave is soft and spiral wave hair. This hair is often full, and it will give you the perfect bounce. If you want big defined waves, this hair will serve you.

Water Wave

This one also looks so much like the naturally curly hair. This hair is easy to blend with your natural hair. The simplest way to describe this hair is that its lustrous, silk, and soft virgin human hair. It’s today one of the most popular options on the red carpet. This hair is about achieving a beautiful look in an instant.

Loose Wave

Here you have the loose and big curls on your hair. There are a few women with such natural hair, and if you want such waves, you can use our virgin human hair types.