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How Long Do Human Hair Wigs Last?

Nowadays, human hair wigs are one kind of investment for beauty. It can help you cover the thin area, bold spot on your head as well as making different charming styles. Thus, it becomes a hot trend for most women. Many of our customers might ask how long your lace front wig will last? In general, 100% real human hair wigs can usually last six month to one year depending on the way you treat it, but it can last even more than one year if you take good care of it. This is not an exact time for human hair wigs lasting because the lifespan of wigs are affected by many kinds of factors. Hair Material The hair material is crucial...

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Should I Wash Human Hair Weave Before Installing?

If you have been experienced in human hair extensions, you must know you should wash your human hair weave before installing. As a professional human hair manufacturer, we received constant consults from our customers whether they should wash before installing. The answer is YES. No matter you order Brazilian Hair, Peruvian hair, or other hair types. You should wash it before installing. If you are new to human hair or confused with this issue, keep reading and you will find your answer. Why should we wash human hair extensions before installing? First of all, we need to make sure it is clean before installing. As we all know, our hair was packed once we sent payment. It will take about...

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How To Make A Human Hair Wig Soft Again?

Human hair wigs can usually last more than one year with proper care. However, we even notice that soft texture and bouncy curls will fade after wearing for some time, which drives us crazy. I believe many of women encounter this issue when they have been wearing a human hair wig for some time. Why is a human hair wig become dry and stiff? How do we make it soft again? This blog will give you the answer. Why A Human Hair Wig Becomes Dry & Stiff? The main reason why lace wigs tangle is that the hair is not growing from our scalp and does not have natural scalp oils to keep the hair moisturized regularly. However, it doesn’t mean we...

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FROM _MELANINMAMIKI_ ( IG ) I first purchased Luxeme Hair A Little Over 2.5 years ago. I saw an ad on facebook & was immediately intrigued by the prices. I was still a fairly recent college grad, mother of 2.5 year old, and caretaker. I couldn’t afford to keep going to salons. So I bought my 1st Luxeme wig, watched tons of youtube videos on how to install a frontal wig & bam. I felt my confidence improve. And vowed to stay looking good. I’ve purchased from Luxeme ever since. Now I get people asking me where I shop and possible because a wig company finally had prices to fit the everyday woman’s budget.I’ve been a loyal customer of @Luxeme hair for almost 3...

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